GMI Printing Simplified


Required to submit your printing to Graphic Measures International (GMI)? While GMI protects brands, it can be a burden for manufacturers supplying their products to major retailers. Failed printing jobs can be astronomically expensive, leading to reprints or a full recall of all stocked products.

Don Benedict will help you avoid the pitfalls of GMI printing, while offering exclusive perks. As a High Performance Supplier, Don makes GMI printing faster, less expensive, and less risky.


GMI High Performance Supplier Benefits:

Ship products to stores before GMI has completed testing. Because GMI trusts its High Performance Suppliers, they can ship to retailers weeks before other printing companies are allowed to.

Eliminate the cost of reruns. Once GMI tests the first batch of packaging, all subsequent submissions are free, provided they pass testing. These savings protect your margin from additional printing fees.

Negate risk. Don and Adams maintain a 100% pass rate. They are one of two commercial printers in the country to earn that distinction. Rest easy that you will not have to face reprints or recalls.


Ready to focus on production and leave GMI printing to the professionals? Contact Don now to discuss how to get started.