GMI - High Performance Suppliers

GMI - High Performance Suppliers

If you must submit commercial printing jobs to GMI, use a High Performance Supplier. Only a very small number of printers earn the designation, and it has significant benefits:

  • Lower risk of failed printing jobs

  • Lower costs for reproduction runs

  • Significantly faster product delivery

GMI designates printers as High Performance Suppliers for delivering high quality jobs with unfaltering consistence. According to GMI, the criteria below must be met to be considered a High Performance Supplier:

  • 98% pass rate based on trailing 12 month submissions

  • 3+ months since achieving certification

  • Minimum of 30 submissions in a 12 month period

Using a High Performance Suppliers virtually negates the risk that one of your printing jobs could fail.

Additionally, High Performance Suppliers bring exclusive benefits to the table. High Performance Suppliers incur no additional charges for reproduction runs. Reproduction runs at one major retailer cost $35 per SKU and $60 per press sheet per production quality, with numerous press sheets required. Over time, these charges can add up and eat away at your margins. You can avoid paying GMI for testing reproduction runs by switching to a High Performance Supplier. Even though you’ll still need to submit samples to GMI, you won’t have to pay for them should they pass. Given that you would be working with a High Performance Supplier, failure would be extremely rare.

High Performance Suppliers can also deliver your products to the shelves faster. GMI does not require High Performance Suppliers’ samples to finish testing before the supplier can begin shipping product to retailers. This can cut weeks from your delivery schedule. The sooner your products begin selling, the sooner you see revenue. Working with a High Performance Supplier can mean the difference between meeting or missing a deadline for last-minute distribution, seasonal products, or packaging reprints.

If a retailer requires you to use GMI, not using a High Performance Supplier will cost you more and slow you down. Adams is a High Performance Supplier for many national retailers. Even when we do not have to submit our printing to GMI, we follow the same high standards that made us a High Performance Supplier in the first place. For more information about how you could get started, contact me.

GMI - Print Quality Management Overview

GMI - Print Quality Management Overview