Porsche Cars of North America (PCNA)

Porsche Trusts Adams to Print, Bind, and Deliver Production Critical Automotive Manuals

The L.A. team last is quite pleased with the project you helped with. I wanted to extend a great thank you for your patience and continuous support.
— Keith Douglas, Collateral and Direct Marketing Specialist, Porsche Cars North America


PCNA had a previous supplier that specialized in fulfillment. The company would often run out of books without letting PCNA know until more books were needed. This resulted in many costly, emergency rush print orders. It also posed a significant problem, as a car cannot be sold without the required owner’s manual reference materials, and even if the materials aren’t required prior to the sale of the automobile, PNCA would still have to track the car so the materials could be sent to the vehicle owner after the sale. PCNA needed a supplier who could save them both money and stress in these areas.



Due to the complex processes in place with PCNA’s previous supplier, Adams’ initial involvement with PCNA was limited to the printing of their owner’s manual materials. However, after being their printer for a year — and PCNA’s continued frustrations with their previous supplier — we were invited to bid on the entire fulfillment process.

Through our contract with the Volkswagen Group of America’s Chattanooga plant, we had considerable experience packing different books into leather wallets to be installed in vehicles. We performed this process for more than 5 years, packing over 750,000 wallets and delivering them to the production line without missing a single car.

For PCNA, we assembled a team to manage every detail of fulfillment. We set up an area to receive all the incoming manuals from the previous supplier, obtained an accurate accounting of each part number, and removed outdated part numbers. We also set up a web portal for use by all of the shipping port and PCNA personnel, and made sure that everyone involved in the project was properly trained to use it.



Since we have taken over PCNA’s fulfillment, there has not been one rush order. PCNA has not run out of any manuals. No cars have been left sitting in a port waiting on materials to be delivered.

PNCA had also been dealing with broken shipping cartons and damaged books. In response, we designed a new, heavier shipping box — complete with the Porsche logo — which has prevented any cartons from breaking open and any books from spilling out.