Cramer-Krasselt (C-K) for Porsche

adams produces metallic collateral to help c-k promote porsche’s new sound system



As the second largest independent advertising agency in the United States, Cramer-Krasselt is known for its work with clients such as Corona, Hilton, Panera Bread, and Porsche Cars of North America (PNCA).

PNCA was looking to promote the new, Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System for its Panamera luxury sedan, and C-K invited Adams to bid on a classy direct mail piece that would help bring the sound system the exposure it deserved.



We had explored the idea of using UV inks to print on metallic paper, and after being impressed by the results of a few tests, I sent some samples to C-K. They, too, were impressed, and decided to use the idea for the direct mail piece.

First, Adams had to find the stock, as no supplier carried this material as a standard item that was metallic on two sides. Eventually, one of our valued paper suppliers, Mac Papers, connected us with one of their suppliers, Hazen Paper Co., who with a minimum order would produce the stock for us.

We then created several versions of the box until everything fit precisely. The client quickly approved the second draft of the brochure, and we went to press.



The finished product is stunning! The project even earned Hazen a Product Excellence Award from the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators.