BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST)

Adams prints, binds, and delivers the annual enrollment guides for bcbstn and their clients



BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) asked us to print and deliver three separate books in two weeks. The books were big – between 74 and 96 pages each – and the client needed a total of 92,000 copies. Because the client chose an uncoated sheet of paper, there was some concern about the ink drying without smearing or smudging, as well as concern about each sheet being printed properly on both sides, folded, and perfect bound.


I assured the BCBST that Adams' new UV offset press could easily complete the job on time as long as they met our schedule for press checks, which would be on a 24-hour as needed basis. I was also able to show the client that the previous year’s editions of their books, which had not been printed using UV, were way off-color due to the ink drying after printing. This was a huge issue, as much time was spent checking the press to make sure the color was correct, only to have it dry four shades lighter.


In the end, BCBST was extremely happy with our work. While we received the design files late – which is no big surprise for a printer – we still completed 27 press checks and 1.275 million impressions, and were able to deliver all of the completed books by the due date. All inks dried instantly, all colors were spot-on, and all the books were mailed on time.